Your Complete Ecosystem for Wellness

Drawing from both Eastern and Western medicine, we bring together doctors and healers to collaborate and create best-in-class spaces, products and content that help you feel the best you can.


Our Spaces

We set the standard for what a wellness space could be. Through design choices, high-touch amenities, vetted products, well-sourced ingredients and more, we make taking care of yourself easy. Currently open in New York, NY & Washington, CT. Coming soon to Costa Rica.

THE WELL Products

Our Products

We've harnessed the knowledge of our practitioners to create the most trusted products in functional health — from immune-strengthening vitamins and supplements to essential oil-based self-care products.

THE WELL Programs

Our Signature Program

Created by functional medicine pioneer Dr. Frank Lipman and guided by a certified Health Coach, THE WELL Cleanse is designed to optimize digestive function, increase energy, promote glowing skin and make losing weight more manageable.

Healing begins at THE WELL New York

Meet Our Care Team

Our words of wisdom (both ancient and modern)

We're here to support you on your wellness journey through words of wisdom, balancing modern science and ancient wisdom. From five strategies to slow down aging to six yoga poses to lower anxiety, we bring a variety of topics to the table with certified experts.