Words of wisdom (both ancient and modern) to inform your wellness journey

pink flower in bloom

Is It Allergies or COVID-19?

Before you panic, here's how to tell what's really going on.

Kate McLeod sitting at her desk

THE WELL Q&A: Kate McLeod

The creator of the Body Stone shares how her background as a pastry chef spurred the idea for her signature solid moisturizer.

April Gargiulo at a table in a vineyard

THE WELL Q&A: April Gargiulo

The founder of Vintner’s Daughter dishes on her skincare secrets, the importance of hydration and how she recharges.

Hand Pouring Coffee Beans

How to Cut Back on the “Big 3:” Sugar, Caffeine and Alcohol

Learn how these food groups affect the body, and tips to form a healthier relationship — without eliminating them completely.

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Connect With Your Body Through Intuitive Eating

A feminist psychotherapist shares an approach to honor and tune into your body — in a society that encourages you to tune out. 

Brittany Addison-Prescott stretching on a yoga mat

THE WELL Q&A: Brittany Addison-Prescott

The Dallas-based yoga teacher talks about what led her to launch her wellness company and how she stays centered along the way.

Niambi Cacchioli smiling in a garder

THE WELL Q&A: Niambi Cacchioli

The founder of Pholk Beauty shares what wellness means to her, her mood boosters and the unique way she chills out. 

the well cleanse

I Tried THE WELL Cleanse — Here’s What Happened

When I needed a gut check (in more ways than one), I turned to a 15-day reset program — and more than my diet changed along the way.

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How to Activate Your Feet

Your physical health begins with your feet. Here's how to support them, so that they can support you.