THE WELL Clean Green Protein
Clean Green Protein





No Artificial Flavor &
Naturally Sweetened

Your New Go-To Protein Powder

Clean Green Protein delivers much more than your average protein powder.

Detoxifying Ingredients: Thanks to a combination of ingredients like amino acids and herbs, this protein powder helps support the body's two-phase detoxification process. When you take it, you'll aid your body's natural process of removing harmful substances that can build up your system.

Filling and Satisfying Nutrients:
Not only are you getting rid of the bad, but you're also bringing in the good stuff. Clean Green Protein contains organic fruits and veggies, 17 grams of filling pea protein and other nutrients that keep you fuller for longer.

Versatile Uses: This protein powder makes delicious shakes and smoothies that you can enjoy at home or on the go for breakfast. It's also perfect to use as a filling and nutrient-dense mid-day snack.

What's Inside?

Clean Green Protein delivers a science-backed combination of nutrients that help support a healthy and safe detoxification process.

How to Use Clean Green Protein


We recommend taking the Clean Green Protein in the morning after a tall glass of water (at least 16 ounces). It's safe for daily use.


One scoop (36 grams)


Mix one scoop into eight to 12 ounces of filtered water or your favorite dairy-free milk. Or try it in a smoothie or shake recipe — find some of our favorites here! It goes beyond breakfast too — it's a satisfying snack that will tide you over between meals.

How to Maximize Results

If you're craving a total-body reset, try THE WELL Cleanse, a 15-day program designed to optimize digestive function, increase energy and make losing weight more manageable.

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Our care team is made up of the best doctors and healers in the world. They are New York Times-bestselling authors, former presidential advisors, major league sports team doctors and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Clean Green Protein taste like?

Our Clean Green Protein has a vanilla berry flavor, making it simple to mix with a variety of other ingredients for delicious smoothies and shakes.

How do I use Clean Green Protein?

To keep it simple, you can simply shake vigorously with 8-12 oz of water or dairy-free milk. Or you can use it in smoothie recipes — find some of our favorites here.

What if I'm paleo, vegan or vegetarian?

Clean Green Protein is approved for paleo, vegan and vegetarian diets.