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THE WELL self care
Relax Bundle



Formulated by a Master Bioalchemist to Deliver Therapeutic Benefits


Developed Using Sustainably Sourced and Wildcrafted Botanicals

Packaged in Violet Glass That Blocks UV Rays to Preserve Ingredients Longer


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Michelle Gagnon, Master Bio Alchemist, on our Essential Oils

THE WELL self care

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From the Source

The products in the Relax Bundle feature sustainably wild harvested and organic essential oils — each coming from a farm or community that has been vetted for its methods of harvesting, land management and extraction process.

Buddha Wood

A rare oil that is steam distilled from a small tree native to Australia. This oil is extremely high in calming linalool and is excellent for promoting a peaceful and relaxing environment.


A versatile essential oil distilled from the plant Lavandula angustifolia. This oil promotes relaxation and is believed to treat anxiety, insomnia, nausea and more.

Sweet Orange

An essential oil with antimicrobial benefits, sweet orange delivers a calming, relaxing scent shown to reduce heart rate.


Derived from a green grass native to India, vetiver is known for its soothing, grounding effects and earthy scent.

Sweet Marjoram

An herb native to the Mediterranean, this oil provides comforting, calming properties and has traditionally been used to soothe muscle pain.


An essential oil distilled from the wood of a tree, amyris has an earthy, grounding scent that can help soothe stress, promote relaxation and calm an anxious mind.

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