Ritual Oil

Michelle Gagnon's Pick

Made with organic and sustainably wild harvested essential oils, our Ritual Oils will make for the most fragrant stocking stuffers.

"Essential oils have a holistic benefit on our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. The Ritual Oils, formulated from aromatic botanical materials that I've sourced from farms and distilleries around the world, have therapeutic benefits allowing you to destress, enliven your mood or bring you back to balance." – Michelle Gagnon, Master Bioalchemist for THE WELL

Relax Everything Mist | Rebecca Parekh's Pick

Relax Everything Mist

Rebecca Parekh's Pick

Purified water and therapeutic grade essential oils deliver a grounding scent through our Everything Mist. Spray on your body, your face or around your space for an instant calming effect.

“I spray this around me whenever I need to decompress. The scent is so grounding and soothing." – Rebecca Parekh, CoFounder & CEO at THE WELL

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