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The Club
The Club
The Club
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Reflexology Lounge
The Reflexology Lounge
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The Steam Room

THE WELL is your complete ecosystem for wellness. We recognize both the benefits of Western medicine and the wisdom of Eastern healing and bring together best-in-class doctors and skilled practitioners to collaborate, curate and customize on our communities’ behalf. We empower people with resources, expedite their knowledge and together we enjoy the pleasures of healthy living.

welcome to wellness

Meditation Space

This quiet refuge offers members a sanctuary to visit throughout the day to tap into stillness and inner peace.

Healing Center

Our innovative center for healing and wellness includes a ten-room full-service luxury spa offering East-meets-West integrative modalities and restorative body treatments from highly-trained full-time therapists.

Private Training Gym

Professional trainers create bespoke health programs customized to your fitness goals, from weight loss and strength-building, to flexibility and muscle sculpting.

Co-Ed Steam & Sauna

Sweat out stress and accumulated toxins with a purifying circuit of cleansing heat therapies.

Mindful Movement Studio

Find freedom through flow at our multi-purpose movement studio that offers daily yoga classes along with a curated calendar of fitness classes led by certified experts from a wide array of disciplines.

Reflexology Lounge

Time-honored bodywork techniques, from acupressure to therapeutic foot rubs, are offered in a harmonizing space to activate optimal organ function, keep vital energy flowing and regenerate the body. 


Meet us in the Library for life-enhancing programming from a wide range of intellects, doctors, teachers and authors. When class is not in session grab a soothing drink, reach for one of our health-minded books and enjoy.


Dine on the culinary expression of wellness with fresh seasonal dishes, cocktails and biodynamic wines at our organic restaurant and bar.


Join us for life-enhancing offerings aimed to expand and enhance members' knowledge and experience of health.


  • Food as Medicine
  • The Secrets to Good Sleep
  • Relationships, Sex & Intimacy
  • Energy Medicine
  • Managing Stress & Anxiety

At THE WELL, a commitment to best-in-class services is at the core of everything we do. We’ve searched high and low to handpick the finest wellness practitioners from around the world. Their extensive experience brings unparalleled therapeutic power, care and knowledge to our members in a holistic, integrated fashion.

Health Coaching

Your dedicated Health Coach is your first point of contact as a member. You meet with them monthly, working one-on-one towards your wellness goals. After an extensive intake and health history, our Coaches help you make strategic nutritional choices, wellness plans and informed health decisions. But it doesn’t stop there. Your Health Coach is in regular communication with our whole team of doctors and practitioners in order to look holistically at how our offerings best apply to your wellness needs and goals.


Let’s make taking care of yourself feel easy again.


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Access to best-in-class practitioners trained in each of our modalities
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Unlimited access to Club amenities
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Monthly, personalized one-on-one sessions with your dedicated health coach
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Unlimited yoga, meditation and movement classes
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Access to private training gym and personal trainers
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Food As Medicine

Dine on the culinary expression of wellness with fresh seasonal dishes, cocktails and biodynamic wines at our organic restaurant and bar.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner the market style menu will be ever-evolving and include bountiful platters of local veggies, salads and options for seasonally-inspired entrees that utilize locally sourced produce and organic, hormone-free meats.


Soak your taste buds in nutritionist-approved cold-pressed shots and elixirs, fresh-pressed juices and organic coffees to take on the go or enjoy in the Club.


A one-stop shop for all your vitamins, Chinese herbs, live enzymes and natural minerals that boost immunity and improve overall health.