The WELL Front

Your health will never be simple—but it can be easier.

It feels like every day you read about a new way to optimize your health, but you can barely fit in that dentist appointment. Just getting to your acupuncturist in Tribeca takes a whole Saturday. You even tried meal delivery, but youre never home.

You ran your first 5K this Spring, can pronounce Ashwagandha, but still cant get a good nights sleep.

When did taking care of yourself get so complicated?

The WELL Sauna & Yoga

Meet THE WELL. Your complete ecosystem for wellness.

Its time to look at the whole picture. Innovation and tradition, body, mind and spiritworking together.

At THE WELL we guide our members towards optimal health through a truly holistic approach to wellness.

The WELL Reflexology

East meets West in the heart of New York City.

We recognize both the benefits of Western medicine and the wisdom of Eastern healing and have built a science-backed ecosystem for wellness. By gathering expert doctors and skilled practitioners under one roof, we build customized plans uniquely suited to each of our members and their goals.

The WELL Chat

We all know two minds are better than one. 

So what if all the best minds in wellness were collaborating on your health? Our integrated services mean that our memberspersonalized care and evolving needs are supported by our doctors, healers and staff through open communication and collaboration.

The WELL Food & Drinks

What wellness is supposed to look like.

Studies show youre more than twice as likely to reach your health goals if you have a support system. We built a beautiful modern wellness club and spa in the heart of New York City so you dont have to go at it alone when it comes to wellness. And because food is the best medicine, you'll find one of New York's best restaurants inside our doors.

welcome to wellness

At THE WELL, your health is integrated, proactive and personalized. Lets make taking care of yourself feel easy again.

Welcome to THE WELL.