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yoga poses for better digestion

Try This Yoga Sequence to Boost Digestion

Harness the healing power of yoga to help your gut do its job more effectively. 

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How to Start a Clean Beauty Routine

Overwhelmed at the prospect of choosing the right products and practices? Experts share tips for navigating the loosely regulated clean-beauty industry. 

desk stretch

8 Simple Desk Stretches That Take Less Than a Minute

A doctor of physical therapy shows how to undo the bodily damage of sitting for hours on end.

Hormonal Balance Seesaw

5 Signs Your Hormones Are Out of Balance

Your hair, skin, digestion and mood can all hold clues. Learn the warning signs and how to re-harmonize.

acupuncture art

All About Acupuncture

This ancient form of healing can address a long list of modern maladies. Here, everything you need to know. 


Beauty From Within: Boost Your Glow With These 8 Foods

For healthy, radiant skin, add these items to your grocery list.

breathing exercises

4 Simple Breathing Exercises to Feel Calmer Instantly

Your breath can be a powerful tool for quieting your mind and soothing your nervous system. 

two hands reaching out

Why We Crave Connection (and How to Build Stronger Bonds)

Tapping into a community enhances your sense of belonging and reduces stress. Here's how to reap those benefits and more.

ayurvedic spices

7 Ayurvedic Secrets for Healthy Digestion

Soothe your stomach and get more nourishment from your meals with tips from the Director of Ayurveda at THE WELL.