Words of wisdom (both ancient and modern) to inform your wellness journey

woman writing at window

How to Start Journaling (Even in a Crisis)

Here's why you should add pen and paper to your mental-health toolkit during tough times. 

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This Just In: Happy News Worth Sharing

It’s easy to get swept up in the torrent of scary headlines. Here, seven uplifting stories of hope, optimism and adorable distraction.

Woman Wearing Mask at Supermarket. Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels.

Why Everyone Should Wear a Face Mask

The CDC is now urging the public to wear face coverings any time they leave home. Here, what you need to know — plus, how to DIY a mask.

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THE WELL Edit: What to Watch, Read and Listen to Right Now

We’ve curated some of our favorite ways to fill your days.

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How to Resolve Relationship Conflicts During a Crisis

THE WELL's Director of Head and Heart offers 12 tips for navigating tough times with those closest to us so we can come out stronger.


4 Myths About Health Coaching

Let's set the record straight.


How to Practice Self-Care When You're Stuck at Home

This unique period of time might be the perfect opportunity to focus on yourself. 

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4 Ways to Cope With Anxiety During a Crisis

It's less about dealing with your anxiety, and more about accepting it. THE WELL's Director of Head & Heart explains.


5 Tips to Safely Treat COVID-19 at Home

If you've tested positive — or you have symptoms but aren’t able to get tested yet — a top functional medicine doctor shares what to do.