Words of wisdom (both ancient and modern) to inform your wellness journey

Colorful sunset sky with blues, pinks, oranges

Heal Yourself with Color Therapy

Color has the power to shift our emotions and release stress— here's how to leverage it.

Patricia Ladis, Physical Therapist at THE WELL, smiles at the camera.

THE WELL Q&A: Patricia Ladis

Our newest physical therapist shares how her dance career inspired her to help build more resilient bodies. 

MaryRuth Ghiyam of MaryRuth Organics smiles at the camera.

THE WELL Q&A: MaryRuth Ghiyam

The health educator and founder shares her life-changing choices.

Jessica Sowards, dressed in a white blazer and peach blouse, smiles at the camera.

THE WELL Q&A: Jessica Sowards

Our Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Lead on how motherhood helped her discover the power of Eastern healing wisdom. 

Blue plastic bottles with a shadow on the wall behind them

All About Endocrine Disruptors

There are low-level toxins in many (many!) things we use, eat, touch and breathe — here’s what you need to know to protect yourself.

Woman sitting in a wooden chair holding a lemon and an orange.

Decoding Your Digestion

From bloating to BMs, here’s how to understand what’s going on — and going wrong — in your gut.

A woman dressed in a white robe applies lotion to her face.

Your Healthy Summer Skin Checklist

Warmer days call for tweaks to your routine — follow these six expert strategies.

Woman lying on massage table getting a facial gua sha treatment

Introducing the East-Meets-West Facial

This new integrative beauty treatment combines ancient and modern modalities for skin-health benefits you can see and feel.

Candles and colorful flowers laid out for Diwali

India Needs Our Help Now

COVID-19 cases have reached catastrophic levels — here’s what you can do to support aid efforts.