We've developed the below framework with the goal of helping shift society closer to equity in wellness. We believe as a wellness organization, that is part of our role.

We believe wellness is for everyone; that it should be integrated, efficient and not overly complicated. But it isn’t one size fits all and we know not everyone is starting from the same place because of health disparities that exist due to factors like race, poverty, wealth distribution, food supply chains, access to healthcare and education, environmental threats and more.

Just as we look at health from a whole-body perspective, we need to look at wellness from a whole-society perspective, examining how the well-being of us each as individuals impacts the well-being of society at large.

We set out to help people take greater agency for their health — and while we honor the good that we've done, we also acknowledge the ways in which we've been part of the problem.

We're committed to being part of the solution.

Our Guiding Principles:

Learning Along the Way

+ With a curiosity about what we don’t know, we take responsibility for our own learning, and are committed to listening to the experts and continuously educating ourselves.

+ In bringing western medicine and eastern healing practices together in an integrated way, we are mindful to understand and honor, not erase or co-opt, the origins and meanings of those practices.

+ In the process of deepening our understanding of society’s systems of privilege and oppression, we also reflect on our own identities and experiences, and the roles we play within those systems.

Going Beyond Good Intentions

+ We are constantly investigating our shortcomings and blindspots and taking steps to do better. We know that to truly make a difference, it is essential to question the impact of our words and actions.

+ We hold ourselves (and each other) accountable to mindfulness and care in every choice we make. Knowing mistakes may be made along the way, we continue to self-reflect, examine and improve.

Stepping Up By Stepping Back

+ We center the wisdom of individuals and organizations who have been most impacted by inequities in wellness and who are already doing powerful work in community wellness.

+ Historically, brands and organizations have often leveraged their power to control or lead the work on the margins. We understand that it is not our role to say, “Here’s what we want to do to help you,” but instead, “How can we contribute in a way that meaningfully supports you and your work? What is needed? What do you see as our role?”

+ We recognize that our support can come in many forms—and that it isn’t us who should be determining which contributions are most beneficial.

+ We understand that getting out of the way and creating space for voices that represent different perspectives is more powerful and effective in bringing about wellness equity.

Fostering A Welcoming Environment

+ Our intent is that all individuals feel welcome and all voices be heard, appreciated and nurtured. We’re committed to doing the work to ensure this is the type of environment we’re cultivating.

+ We recognize the historical lack of diversity and the exclusion of certain ethnic groups in the popular discourse around wellness, and we commit to prioritizing the inclusion of individuals from diverse ethnicities and races — as well as sexual orientations, religious, gender expressions and abilities — both among our team and within our membership community.

+ We aspire for our community to reflect the diversity of the surrounding geographic communities of New York City.

+ We are invested in gaining awareness of the obstacles to successful interactions with those who are different from each of us (knowing that each of us are different from one another) and in developing a deeper understanding of how our own ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, abilities and physical and mental health inform our worldview, histories, cultural values and prejudices.