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In a continuing global pandemic, it’s crucial for our homes to feel like a safe — and healthy — haven. We’re bringing together a team of industry experts with our friends at abc carpet & home in a 4-part programming series to discuss nontoxic living, the energetic alchemy of your home, mindful movement spaces at home and the ritual of setting the table.

Feel free to join any of the sessions that interest you.

About Our Panelists

THE WELL x abc | At Home Programming Series

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About abc carpet & home

abc carpet & home is a lifestyle brand with a rich legacy in home, hospitality, and wellness known for instilling a sense of wonder and action in our guests. Food, comfort, rest, and ritual are transformed through the lens of personal and planetary well-being into choices that are good for people and even better for the world. What started in the late nineteenth century as a pushcart business selling carpets became one of the largest and most diverse rug and home collections in the world. Since 2003, our demand for consciously made artisanal goods has transformed the retail landscape not only for abc, but for all.


THE WELL is your complete ecosystem for wellness. We bring together Western doctors and Eastern healers to collaborate and create best-in-class healing spaces, innovative products and educational content and protocols that empower you to take greater agency for your health. At THE WELL, your health is integrated, proactive and personalized.