• Blue plastic bottles with a shadow on the wall behind them

    All About Endocrine Disruptors

    There are low-level toxins in many (many!) things we use, eat, touch and breathe — here’s what you need to know to protect yourself.

  • Woman sitting in a wooden chair holding a lemon and an orange.

    Decoding Your Digestion

    From bloating to BMs, here’s how to understand what’s going on — and going wrong — in your gut.

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    Your Healthy Summer Skin Checklist

    Warmer days call for tweaks to your routine — follow these six expert strategies.

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    India Needs Our Help Now

    COVID-19 cases have reached catastrophic levels — here’s what you can do to support aid efforts.

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    Is Napping a Good Idea?

    The short answer: It depends, but probably.

  • Hand reaches for an alarm clock

    Discover Your Sleep Chronotype

    We have a genetically programmed preference for going to bed and rising — pinpoint yours.

  • Broccoli, celery and oranges in reusable shopping bags, with grains in reusable glass jars

    Actionable Ways to Live More Sustainably

    Planet Earth is our home — we've got to clean up our acts and stop trashing the place.

  • Quinoa oatmeal with berries, mango and almond slivers; from "Eat Better, Feel Better" by Giada DeLaurentiis

    3 Healthy Breakfasts From a Top Chef

    Giada De Laurentiis shares delicious recipes from her new wellness-driven cookbook. 

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    Melatonin: Make it, Don't Fake It

    The truth about this popular sleep supplement —and whether it's right for you. 

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    THE WELL Q&A: Chika Okoli, MD

    How a functional medicine doctor approaches her own holistic health care.