Dry Brush & Body Oil Set

Vivianne Garcia-Tuñón's Pick

Step 1: Dry brush the skin using medium pressure all over the body.
Step 2: Cleanse with a gentle body wash in the shower or bath.
Step 3: Moisturize and massage your body with our essential oil-based body oil.

"Dry brushing is an excellent tool to use every single day to not only keep the lymphatic system working in optimal health, but also improve the appearance of our skin. Leave your body feeling smoother and looking brighter overall this holiday." – Vivianne Garcia-Tuñón, VP of Development at THE WELL

THE WELL Relax Essential Oil Blend

Relax Essential Oil Blend

Amanda Carney's Pick

Release, switch off, settle in and relax with the grounding essential oils — lavender and buddha wood.

"I love taking a relaxing bath after a long day — it promotes a calmer mind and improves my night's sleep. I add a few drops of the Relax Essential Oil Blend into my diffuser and transform my home into a spa." – Amanda Carney, Director of Integration

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