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most people will experience at least one period of hormonal imbalance in their lifetime?

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How to Balance Your Hormones, Naturally

From Jessica Sowards, MS, LAc, Director of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

+ Develop a mindfulness practice. Activities like yoga, meditation and deep breathing have been shown to lower cortisol levels in the body.
+ Adjust your diet. Consider scaling back on gluten, soy and dairy — these known endocrine disruptors can interfere with your body's normal hormonal functions.
+ Address imbalances in your gut. When your microbiome is out of whack, your hormones can become imbalanced. Increase the amount of good bacteria in your gut by eating probiotic-rich foods like yogurt and kimchi.
+ Use nontoxic bath, beauty and cleaning products. Doing so will reduce your exposure to endocrine disruptors, which can disturb hormone levels and negatively impact your health.