Biologique Recherche Facials

We're welcoming the next generation of integrative beauty and wellness with our renowned skincare partner, Biologique Recherche. Experience our best-in-class facials that combine our signature SkinHealth method with Biologique Recherche's unrivaled expertise.

Our facials can help you:

Fight the effects of aging

Improve skin elasticity

Lift and sculpt your face, neck and décolleté

Increase circulation

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines


Hyper-Customized Facial (60 min)

This highly customizable facial designed by Biologique Recherche is perfect for anyone seeking targeted skincare support.

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60 min

Hyper-Customized Facial (90 min)

This highly customizable facial designed by Biologique Recherche is perfect for anyone seeking targeted skincare support.

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90 min

Micropuncture Lab Facial

This signature facial treatment designed by Biologique Recherche involves superficially puncturing the skin to promote collagen production and increase absorption of the anti-aging Cocktail d’Actifs Régénérants serum.

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60 min

Remodeling Facial

This anti-aging treatment combines the power and synergies of three currents to stimulate the epidermal cells and regenerate your skin.

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60 min

East-Meets-West Acupuncture Facial

As featured in Vogue, this 60-minute facial firms, tones and rejuvenates the skin, drawing on both eastern and western techniques.

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60 min

Triple Lift Facial

An intensive treatment that helps fight against signs of premature skin aging using a combination of active serums, the Remodeling Machine and the Micropuncture Lab to stimulate collagen production for immediately visible results.

90 min

Frequently Asked Questions

What certifications do your facialists hold?

Our facialists are licensed estheticians with at least 12 months of experience.

What can facials be used to treat?

Our signature Biologique Recherche facials are designed to treat a wide range of skin concerns, including:

+ Acne-prone skin
+ Dark spots & hyperpigmentation
+ Wrinkles, fine lines & visible signs of aging
+ Dull, lackluster complexion
+ Large pores
+ Skin texture
+ Sensitive skin
+ Dry or oily skin
+ Redness & uneven tone
+ Dark circles

Who is Biologique Recherche?

Founded in the late 1970s by a family of artisanal skincare experts, Biologique Recherche came about through the passion of biologist and physiotherapist duo Yvan and Josette Allouche.

Biologique Recherche operated as a research and development lab, focusing exclusively on formulating products for beauty professionals who were disappointed by the products available at that time.

What COVID safety precautions are being taken for Spa services?

The correct use of a face mask will be required at all times for both practitioners and guests, with the exception of services that require removal of the guest's face mask. In those cases, the practitioner will be required to wear a face shield in addition to their mask.

We have also extended our cleaning time between services to ensure spaces are cleaned and disinfected according to CDC guidelines.

For more information on COVID safety protocols throughout THE WELL New York, click here.

Do you need to be fully vaccinated to come to THE WELL New York?

Based on new requirements in New York City, you must show proof of vaccination prior to experiencing our offerings in the space.

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