COVID-19 has brought on a new normal — one we are unfamiliar with and one we need time getting used to. Ananta Ajmera, our Director of Ayurveda, guides a 3-part course to make adjusting easier, whether you're returning to work post COVID-19 quarantine or you're faced with a new set of restrictions due to a rise in cases in your area.

Learn practices that relieve stress, strengthen immunity and reconnect you with your internal wisdom and wholeness, bringing a more resilient you into a new world that may be unfamiliar to us.

Part One | Taking Inventory
Part Two | The Power of Practice
Part Three | The Path Forward

You should take this course if you have:

+ an interest in self-care practices that strengthen you
physically, mentally and emotionally
+ a curiosity about how your daily habits may be influencing your day-to-day life
+ a goal to return to the world as a more resilient and adaptable you

THE WELL Reemerge

Reemerge, a 3-part webinar course

What you'll receive:
+ Recorded videos of each session
+ Detailed course guide
+ Video tutorials on two key Ayurvedic practices
+ Recommended products and services
+ Curated Spotify playlist of Sattvic music
+ Exercises and daily practices that help you to explore each session and integrate it into your life
+ Self-assessment quiz to track your progress

Part One | Taking Inventory

+ Understand the power of looking inward and how to do it
+ Begin to strengthen a sense of trust in yourself
+ Experience an increased awareness around your daily habits and better understand how they are contributing to or prohibiting wellness
+ Identify how to support immunity with simple daily practices

Part Two | The Power of Practice

+ Experience how simple, daily practices can support emotional health, physical health and spiritual health
+ Understand behavior change and what it means for you
+ Further identify personal strengths, wants and desires
+ Feel clear on actionable next steps and empowered by a plan to incorporate practices you’d like to commit to

Part Three | The Path Forward

+ Move forward with clarity, confidence and the ability to find refuge and security within yourself
+ Feel more equipped to adapt to the current state of the world
+ Understand resilience (immunity) and steps in supporting it
+ Understand the spiritual secret to working in a more peaceful and productive way, especially in uncertain times