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Health Coaching

We’re the experts; you’re the architect

Our certified Health Coaches are your partners in wellness; they provide expert advice, motivation and accountability to help you create impactful shifts that transform your health.

Wellness Consultation

| 30 min

Discuss your health concerns, identify your wellness goals and explore how we can support you in this complimentary, virtual session.

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Health Coaching Session

| 45 min

Refresh your wellness plan. During this time, you’ll create clear, actionable steps to address your top health concerns.

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Functional Medicine

Be treated as a whole person — not a bunch of isolated parts

Functional medicine takes a holistic approach, factoring in a person's genetic makeup along with their lifestyle habits and environmental influences — all of which converge to impact health and well-being



Created by our Functional Medicine team, THE WELL Way is our proprietary approach to personalized and holistic healthcare.

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Initial Functional Medicine Session

$650.00 | 75 min

An in-depth analysis of your health history and a wellness roadmap to move forward.

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Follow-Up Functional Medicine Session

$380.00 | 45 min

Continue to optimize your health and well-being with ongoing support from Jordan Crofton, FNP.

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