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Essential Probiotic
Essential Probiotic



50 Billion Live Cultures

Time Release Capsules

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why Take Essential Probiotic?

Build a strong foundation with daily broad-spectrum support from our Essential Probiotic.

Improved Digestion

The naturally-occuring friendly bacteria helps maintain bowel health and improves digestion.

Gut Health

Strains BI-04, Lpc-37 and UALs-07 help support a healthy gut. Time release capsules are gentle on the stomach and allow for optimal survivability of probiotic strains from stomach acid.

Immune Health

A healthy gut microbiome plays a key role in immune function — nearly 70% of the immune system is associated with the interactions of microorganisms that reside in our GI tract and help maintain its health and function.

What's Inside?

Essential Probiotic contains 10 of the most well-researched probiotic strains — each strain contributing to strengthening your immunity and improving your digestive health. Below are the 10 strains inside the Essential Probiotic:

+ Bifidobacterium Lactis BI-04
+ Lactobacilius Planatarum UALp-05™
+ Lactobacilius Acidophilus DSS-1
+ Lactobacilius Casei UALc-03™
+ Bifidobacterium Breve UABbr-11™
+ Lactobacilius Paracasei Lpc-37
+ Lactobacilius Salivarius UALs-07™
+ Lactobacilius Rhamnosus HN001™
+ Bifidobacterium Bifidum UABb-10™
+ Bifidobacterium Longum UABI-14™


Developed by doctors and backed by science, we put over 100+ years of integrated practitioner experience and cutting edge research into our products.

Like everything else at THE WELL, you can trust that our products are the highest quality, have none of the bad stuff and actually do what we say they do. Plus, we have the independent testing to prove it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my FSA/HSA dollars to buy Essential Probiotic?

THE WELL accepts FSA / HSA cards for applicable services and retail purchases. Essential Probiotic falls under common eligible categories, but be sure to check your provider to see if it qualifies under your plan.

How does a subscription work? Can I cancel at anytime?

We'll send you an email each month when we ship your next 30-day supply. You can pause, update or cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, log in to your account or create an account through the person icon on the top right corner of the site and click on “Account Details” to make the appropriate changes. Make sure to cancel your subscription prior to the next delivery date, since fulfilled orders cannot be cancelled.

Alternatively, you can email us at support@the-well.com.

Can I take Essential Probiotic if I'm pregnant?

Essential Probiotic should be safe to take during pregnancy. However, to be extra cautious, you should consult your healthcare practitioner to see what they would recommend. Our doctors and Health Coaches are available as well for consultations.

Do you offer consultations on recommended supplements?

If you have any questions on what supplements are right for you, you can always ask one of our Health Coaches at healthcoach@the-well.com. They are more than happy to help!