Gluten, Soy and Dairy-Free

Gluten, Soy and Dairy-Free

Pure Bioavailable Ingredients

Pure Bioavailable Ingredients

Third-Party Quality Tested

Third-Party Quality Tested



FSA / HSA Eligible

FSA / HSA Eligible

THE WELL Renew Complex

Why Take Renew Complex?

Beauty starts from within. The Renew Complex contains multiple vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids in a combination you won't find anywhere else. Packaged in convenient daily packs, this is for those looking for healthier hair, skin and nails.

Wrinkle Reduction

Bamboo extract aids in collagen renewal and has been clinically shown to decrease wrinkle depth.

Healthy, Glowing Skin

Omega-3-6-7-9 fatty acids, bamboo extract, chelated zinc, copper, manganese, vitamin A and vitamin D all work together to maintain healthy skin integrity and protect your skin from UV exposure.

Healthier, Thicker Hair

Vitamins A and D, Omega-7-9 fatty acids, bamboo extract and grape seed are known to replenish hair follicles and support healthy hair growth and strength.

Stronger Nails

Biotin, collagen and keratin give nails structure, strength and elasticity.

What's Inside Each Pack?

Our Renew Complex combines 27 of the purest, most effective ingredients, backed by science and trusted by our team of doctors and health practitioners. View Supplement Label

Health Coaching Consultation

Free Personal Health Coaching Session With Your Purchase

When you buy this product, you'll receive a complimentary introductory session with one of our certified and experienced Health Coaches.

Once you've purchased the Renew Complex, keep your eyes out for an email with instructions on how to book your free coaching session!



Developed by doctors and backed by science, we put more than 100 years of integrated practitioner experience and cutting-edge research into our products.

Our Renew Complex is formulated to be synergistic, meaning the nutrients inside are most effective when they are taken together than when taken alone. These therapeutic ingredients (nutrients, vitamins, minerals and plant botanicals) are delivered in the right dosage and the right form.

You can trust that, like everything else at THE WELL, our products are the highest quality, have none of the bad stuff and actually do what we say they do. Plus, we have the independent testing to prove it.

Powered By The World's Best

Our care team is made up of the best doctors and healers in the world. They are New York Times best-selling authors, former presidential advisors, major league sports team doctors and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take the Renew Complex?

This complex is for those looking for seriously stronger and better looking hair, skin and nails. Unlike similar hair, skin & nail supplements, we don’t skim off the top — our team of integrative doctors designed a comprehensive formula that contains 27 well-researched vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals and omegas that have been shown to improve the health of your hair, skin and nails.

How long should I take the Renew Complex for?

For best results, the Renew Complex is intended to be taken on an ongoing basis — continuously supplying you with a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

How does a subscription work? Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You can pause, update or cancel your subscription by logging into your account at any time. You’ll receive an email when we’re ready to ship your next 30-day supply. If you want to cancel, please make sure you update your account before we process your delivery. You can also email us at to update your subscription.

Can I use my FSA/HSA dollars to buy the Renew Complex?

THE WELL accepts FSA / HSA cards for applicable services and retail purchases. The Renew Complex is a supplement, which falls under common eligible categories. Be sure to check your provider to see if it qualifies under your plan.

Do you offer consultations on recommended supplements?

If you have any questions on what supplements are right for you, you can always ask one of our Health Coaches at They are more than happy to help!

With a purchase of one of our supplements, we provide free health download and coaching to help you build a clear plan to support you in your immediate and long-term health goals.