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woman reaching hands up to clouds
How to Develop a Spiritual Relationship With Your Body

No matter how much you’ve struggled or suffered, you can be guided to inner peace.

Massage table/treatment room
What Is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

This modality is as healing as it is soothing.

Patricia Ladis, Physical Therapist at THE WELL, smiles at the camera.
THE WELL Q&A: Patricia Ladis

Our newest physical therapist shares how her dance career inspired her to help build more resilient bodies.

floating in water
How to Activate Your Feet

Your physical health begins with your feet. Here's how to support them, so that they can support you.

Yamuna Zake
THE WELL Q&A: Yamuna Zake

Bodywork expert Yamuna Zake shares her perspective on wellness and longevity.

anti-aging strategies
5 Simple Daily Strategies to Slow Down Aging

Stress isn't always harmful. These beneficial stressors help to promote well-being and improve longevity.