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13 Ways Peptides Make Vibrant Health Happen

Peptides are natural signaling agents in the cells, which are responsible for a host of beneficial biological effects.

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6 Ways Cold Exposure Makes You Younger, Happier and Healthier!

More than just a change of scenery, cold exposure can help slow your aging roll and extend your healthspan (aka, the life in your years), so take advantage now — before it warms up!

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Health Coach Tip: The Health Benefits Of Swimming

Curious about the holistic benefits of swimming? From enhancing cardiovascular health to promoting muscle strength, discover how swimming supports the health of the body and mind.

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All About IV Infusion Therapy — and Why You May Need It

More than just a wellness trend, these vitamin infusions support your whole system.

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13 Omicron Surge Tips You Need to Heed Now

How to protect yourself (and others) from the latest COVID-19 variant.

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Why Ivermectin Isn’t a COVID-19 Cure-All

A drug originally meant for livestock is gaining buzz as a treatment.

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The Difference Between Lingering and Long-Haul COVID-19

Learn the difference — and signs it's time to seek medical attention.

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How to Know You Need a COVID-19 Booster Shot

Plus, all of your basic booster questions answered.