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Emotional Well-Being


Woman in a green dress dancing on sand
9 Ways to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

By shifting our mindset, by cultivating an attitude of gratitude, we can elevate the spirit and bring light to life even when things feel dark. Put simply, gratitude is a way out of the mess.

Woman in a white tank top asleep on a bed
Health Coach Tip: How Sleep Protects The Brain

Beyond its role in rejuvenating the body and promoting overall well-being, sleep plays a crucial role in safeguarding our brains.

Woman dealing with summer sadness in field
Summer Depression is Real. Experts Explain.

Many people mourn the end of the warmest season, but for some, it’s a welcome reprieve.

THE WELL Q&A: Myles Spar, MD, MPH

Functional medicine doctor and men's health expert shares how to achieve peak performance.

Jordan Crofton, FNP
THE WELL Q&A: Jordan Crofton, FNP

THE WELL Director of Patient Care shares how she prioritizes her health and empowers her patients to do the same.

An image of a light-skinned woman raises her arms and covers her eyes with both her hands. The woman has curly light brown hair, gold hoops and a cream-colored long sleeve shirt. The title, How to Cope with Seasonal Depression is over the image
How to Cope with Seasonal Depression

Seasonal affective disorder is more than the “winter blues.” Here, a therapist advises on how to manage.

person jumping in the air above a grassy hillside
How to Shift Your Relationship with Fear

Fear may be unavoidable, but how we deal with it has the power to transform our lives.

A brown woman laying on an orange sofa covers her face with an orange balloon.
Your Anxiety Could Be Pandemic Flux Syndrome

Living in a constant state of uncertainty takes a toll — now there’s a term for it.