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Mindful Movement


Woman stretching and putting her arms up
Health Coach Tip: Why Prioritize Posture

Did you know that the way you sit, stand, or even lay down can affect your overall health? Maintaining good posture is one of the keys to a healthy and happy body.

Man putting on skincare
Health Coach Tip: Promote a Youthful Biological Age

Every living organism ages, but we can all strive to keep our bodies as young and vibrant as possible – in other words, we can all strive for a youthful ‘biological age’.

man wades into a river and holds his palms to the water
Why Everyone — Not Just Older Adults — Can Benefit From QiGong

This ancient practice links rhythmic breath with meditative movements to improve your mental and physical health — at any age.

Woman meditating
Which Type of Meditation is Right For You?

Plus, what you should be thinking about while meditating.

Woman sits on yoga mat
The Best Pelvic Floor Exercises to Strengthen Down Under

Treating and preventing pelvic floor dysfunction is only one thing these expert-backed moves can do.

woman stretching outside
Why Estrogen Is a Superpower Hormone

It’s responsible for so much more than you know.

Woman lying on couch
How to Deal with Menopausal Symptoms Naturally

There are myriad remedies for taking the edge off.

Yoga stretching for flexibility
5 Easy Ways to Improve Flexibility

Plus, 10 stretches straight from the pros.