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Physical Therapy


woman with hand on thigh
Symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Everyone Should Know

Spoiler alert: People of all ages, genders and sexes can experience troubles with their pelvic floor muscles.

Patricia Ladis, Physical Therapist at THE WELL, smiles at the camera.
THE WELL Q&A: Patricia Ladis

Our newest physical therapist shares how her dance career inspired her to help build more resilient bodies.

How to Reverse Tech Neck

Our ever-increasing screen time is messing up our bodies in surprising ways. Here's how to unwind the damage.

at-home workout routine
How to Safely Restart Your Workout Routine

Avoid injuries (and immediate burnout!) with this advice.

desk stretch
8 Simple Desk Stretches That Take Less Than a Minute

A doctor of physical therapy shows how to undo the bodily damage of sitting for hours on end.