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Get Your Energy Back Quick — with CoQ10

Here’s the inside scoop on this incredibly helpful substance that your doc’s probably never mentioned, but regardless, you should definitely get to know a lot better.

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7 Thoughts on How AKG Can Make Aging Better — and Slower

You may ask, why take a supplement to boost levels of a natural compound beyond normal physiological levels? Doesn’t Mother Nature know best? Well, in the first decades of our life, She certainly does, but as we age, key chunks of our cellular machinery begin to wear down, and evolution doesn’t much care.

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Should You Use Probiotics for Acne?

Sure, bacteria can cause pimples. But a healthy balance of bugs might clear them too.

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The Best Supplements for Men, According to a Functional MD

Beyond food, these nutrients are key to maintaining mens' health.

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How to Deal with Menopausal Symptoms Naturally

There are myriad remedies for taking the edge off.

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Yes, Flurona is Real — Here’s What You Need to Know

Co-infections of COVID-19 and influenza sounds scary, but read this before you panic.

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4 Reasons to Try IV Vitamin Therapy After the Holidays

Wiped out by the most wonderful time of the year? Look no further than this nutrient-rich treatment.

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How to Change Your Supplement Routine for Winter

As the seasons change, so should your supplement regimen — and here’s how.