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Two women with rainbows painted on their arms embrace.
How to Celebrate Pride Now — and All-Year Round

The fight for LGBTQIA+ rights isn’t an annual event. Here’s how to lend ongoing support.

woman looking at phone
When Friendship Bonds Break Down

It's hard to feel close to your inner circle when you're forced apart. Here, how to reconnect — or bow out gracefully.

white women allyship
Call to Action for White Women: Know Better, Do Better

If you’re sincerely ready to do the work to end systemic racism and social injustice, read on. I'm a few years ahead on that journey, and I have some suggestions for how you can catch up — quickly.

group of people jogging
Why We Crave Connection (and How to Build Stronger Bonds)

Tapping into a community enhances your sense of belonging and reduces stress. Here's how to reap those benefits and more.

person lying on couch
How to Stay Emotionally Connected While Socially Distancing

A licensed psychotherapist weighs in on how to navigate relationships in our new normal.