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Updated: 06/19/2023

All Primaries:

June 9:

  • Georgia: State Primary and Presidential Primary
  • Nevada: State Primary
  • North Dakota: State Primary
  • South Carolina: State Primary
  • West Virginia: State Primary & Presidential Primary

June 23:

  • Kentucky: State Primary and Presidential Primary
  • Mississippi: State Runoff
  • New York: State Primary and Presidential Primary
  • North Carolina: State Runoff
  • South Carolina: State Runoff
  • Virginia: State Primary

June 30:

  • Colorado: State Primary
  • Oklahoma: State Primary
  • Utah: State Primary

July 7:

  • Delaware: Presidential Primary
  • New Jersey: State and Presidential Primary

July 11:

  • Louisiana: Presidential Primary

July 14:

  • Alabama: State Runoff
  • Maine: State Primary
  • Texas: State Runoff

August 4:

  • Arizona: State Primary
  • Kansas: State Primary
  • Michigan: State Primary
  • Missouri:State Primary
  • Washington: State Primary

August 6:

  • Tennessee: State Primary

August 8:

  • Hawaii: State Primary

August 11:

  • Connecticut: State Primary and Presidential Primary
  • Georgia: State Runoff
  • Minnesota: State Primary
  • South Dakota: State Runoff
  • Vermont: State Primary
  • Wisconsin: State Primary

August 18:

  • Alaska: State Primary
  • Florida: State Primary
  • Wyoming: State Primary

August 25:

  • Oklahoma: State Runoff

September 1:

  • Massachusetts: State Primary

September 8:

  • New Hampshire: State Primary
  • Rhode Island: State Primary

September 15:

  • Delaware: State Primary

November 3:

  • Louisiana: State Primary

December 4:

  • Louisiana: State Runoff

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Where to Vote:

Every state has different dates and guidelines. Check out your state’s individual voting info here.

Find your individual polling place here.

Request an absentee ballot here.

Register to Vote:

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