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Woman with candles on the beach
All About Ayurveda

This ancient science helps you reclaim health through harmonizing the body, mind and spirit.

Brahmi benefits
How to Use This Ayurvedic Herb to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Discover the many benefits of brahmi, from improving memory to helping you sleep better.

ayurvedic pancakes
3 Nourishing Ayurvedic Recipes for Winter

Build up your strength with these satiating, nutrient-dense recipes from our Director of Ayurveda.

ayurvedic spices
7 Ayurvedic Secrets for Healthy Digestion

Soothe your stomach and get more nourishment from your meals with tips from our Director of Ayurveda.

A Healing, Comforting Kitchari Recipe

This warm Ayurvedic dish can be eaten all year — here's how to make a batch with springtime benefits.

THE WELL Q&A: Ananta Ripa Ajmera

Our Director of Ayurveda on living a healthy, balanced and spiritual life

5 Ayurvedic Practices for a Healthy Fall

Stay cool, calm and collected with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

cup of tea
The Power of Waking Up Early

As hard as it may seem, rising at dawn — the most spiritually charged time of day — can improve your mood in dramatic ways.