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Black woman with afro in a garden
What Everyone Needs to Know About Black Hair History

How the style, symbolism and care of Black hair has impacted self-image and culture.

Can Botox and Filler Cause Facial Dysmorphia?
Can Botox and Filler Cause Facial Dysmorphia?

Here’s how pros preside over injectables.

Skin Cycling for Exfoliation
If You’re Not Skin Cycling, You’re Doing It Wrong

A top dermatologist shares her signature method.

Surprising Ways to Use THE WELL Self-Care Line

Beyond smelling amazing, our essential oil-based blends have myriad unexpected uses — from face-mask sanitizer to yoga-mat refresher.

Woman with face mask smiling
How to Start a Clean Beauty Routine

Experts explain how to navigate the loosely regulated industry.

Shine On With These 6 Healthy-Hair Habits

Apply these strategies to protect your locks from surprising everyday stressors — and heal the damage you've already done.

adaptogenic nut-granola
This Adaptogenic Granola is a Beauty Superfood

Packed with protein and healthy fats, a little goes a long way.