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Energy Work


woman receiving craniosacral massage
What Is Craniosacral Therapy, Exactly?

If you have chronic pain, migraines or stress, this form of hands-on healing may offer some relief.

6 Practices to Clear Negative Energy

Whenever you're carrying a heavy energetic load, turn to these techniques to usher out some of those bad vibes and welcome in the good.

Valerie Oula
THE WELL Q&A: Valerie Oula

Our Director of Vibrational Energy Healing on her love of crystals, kittens and kundalini yoga

sound therapy
All About Sound Therapy

Taking a sound bath (or immersing yourself in soothing, vibrational sounds) has a plethora of health benefits — for your mind and body.

All About Tapping

This practice — known as the Emotional Freedom Technique — is a proven stress, anxiety and pain reliever.

Two hands hover over each other, one above the other. The bottom hand is white with red nail polish and the hand above is brown with bare nails.
All About Reiki

Here's what you can expect during this relaxing, light-touch therapy.