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    All About Essential Oils

    Distilled botanicals don’t just smell nice — they can have a powerful impact on your mood, skin and more.  

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    Do You Have Responsibility Fatigue?

    We couldn't arrange to have more hours added to the day, but if you're drowning in tasks, this advice will serve as lifeline.

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    What We Can Learn From Trees

    THE WELL's Director of Head and Heart draws an unlikely — but insightful — comparison.

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    6 Reasons to Start Meditating — and How to Make Time for It

    From a healthier brain to less stress, the science-backed benefits of meditation are numerous — that is, as long as you actually do it!

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    Outsmart Your Smartphone: 4 Ways to Curb Digital Distraction

    Reboot your natural brain power — without
    totally untethering from technology.