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Skin Care


Facial massage
Health Coach Tip: The Benefits of Facial Massage

The videos demonstrate facial massage which involves the gentle manipulation of facial muscles and skin to promote relaxation, improve circulation and enhance the overall health and appearance of your complexion.

Woman smiles with eyes close and touches her face.
The Perfect Facial For Your Skin Goals

Whether you want to even out your tone, reduce puffiness, lift the droop or brighten your complexion, THE WELL has a facial for you.

Close up of woman with acne
Should You Use Probiotics for Acne?

Sure, bacteria can cause pimples. But a healthy balance of bugs might clear them too.

man wearing bucket hat and sunglasses
5 Simple Truths About Preventing Sun-Damaged Skin

Hint: The type of SPF you wear matters.

Can Botox and Filler Cause Facial Dysmorphia?
Can Botox and Filler Cause Facial Dysmorphia?

Here’s how pros preside over injectables.

Man hydrating face
How to Winterize Your Skincare Routine

Avoid that dry, dull complexion with these expert tips for keeping your skin healthy all winter. 

Skin Cycling for Exfoliation
If You’re Not Skin Cycling, You’re Doing It Wrong

A top dermatologist shares her signature method.

collagen spoons
All About Collagen

This dietary supplement has been getting a whole lotta love from the wellness and beauty worlds. Here, the facts behind the hype.