• A woman doing yoga lies on the ground arching her back with her arms above her.

    The Stress-Hormone Connection

    Why always "running on empty" hurts your overall health.

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    Why There Should Be Vaccine Mandates, According to a Functional Medicine Doctor

    Dr. Frank Lipman, THE WELL Chief Medical Officer, is taking a strong stance. Listen up.

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    Common Hormone Myths — Busted!

    Experts debunk common misconceptions about these complex chemical messengers. 

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    The Healing Power of Infrared Heat

    Whether in a sauna or massage-table mat, this form of light-produced warmth has impressive body (and beauty!) benefits.

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    The Perfect Facial For Your Skin Goals

    Whether you want to even out your tone, reduce puffiness, lift the droop or brighten your complexion, THE WELL has a facial for you.

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    All About Ayurveda

    This ancient science helps you reclaim health through harmonizing the body, mind and spirit.

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    How to Celebrate Pride Now — and All-Year Round

    The fight for LGBTQIA+ rights isn’t an annual event. Here’s how to lend ongoing support.

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    What it Means to Practice Body Positivity

    Inspiring — and practical — tips for how to actively love yourself.

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    Summer Mocktail Recipes

    These refreshing booze-free drinks are perfect for warm-weather celebrations — whether you’re on a cleanse or not!

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    THE WELL Q&A: MaryRuth Ghiyam

    The health educator and founder shares her life-changing choices.