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    8 Self-Care Practices for Busy People

    You owe it to yourself — and those around you — to fit in a little "me-time" maintenance, even on jam-packed days. Here's how.

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    6 Ways an Out-of-Balance Gut Affects Your Well-Being

    The community of bacteria living in your body have a bigger impact than you may realize — from your mood to your heart health.

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    Control Sugar Cravings With Aromatherapy

    If eating more healthfully is on your new year's agenda, these tips can help quell the urges that threaten to derail you.

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    11 Natural Ways to Banish Bloat

    Try these lifestyle and diet strategies to improve digestion and eliminate excess — and potentially embarrassing!— gas.

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    6 Ways to Successfully Set Intentions for the New Year

    It's great to be ambitious, but setting goals that are too lofty can backfire. Instead, try these expert tips to craft lasting resolutions.

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    How to Cope When Noise Stresses You Out

    Living with irritating sounds is unavoidable — especially in urban environments — but your response is within your control.

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    All About Reiki

    Learn what to expect during this relaxing, light-touch therapy — and how the claims of less stress, lower anxiety and pain relief add up.

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    9 Simple Self-Care Tips for the Holidays

    Reminder: Making time for yourself is just as important as making your famous chocolate gingerbread cookies.

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    All About Mindful Eating

    Unlike dieting, mindful eating is a sustainable way to reach a healthy weight and enjoy the food you eat even more. 

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    7 Surprising Tips for Short-Circuiting a Cold

    Use these all-natural remedies to stop a bug from taking hold.