• white women allyship

    Call to Action for White Women: Know Better, Do Better

    If you’re sincerely ready to do the work to end systemic racism and social injustice, read on. I'm a few years ahead on that journey, and I have some suggestions for how you can catch up — quickly.

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    The Secret Immune-Boosting Power of Mushrooms

    Plus, a recipe for 'shroom "bacon" that's as healthy as it is tasty.

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    Clear Answers to 16 Confusing COVID-19 Questions

    We sifted through the dizzying array of info to bring you these expert-backed responses.

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    How to Use This Ayurvedic Herb to Promote Women's Health

    Shatavari offers a multitude of benefits, from reproductive health to boosting immunity.

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    COVID-19 Antibody Tests: What You Need to Know

    Research is ongoing, but here are experts' thoughts — and warnings — on the current diagnostics.

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    COVID-19: What Leads to the Worst-Case Scenario?

    Underlying metabolic diseases fuel severe symptoms, regardless of age. This is an urgent call to action.

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    4 Springtime Health Tips From an Ayurvedic Expert

    Shift with the season by following this time-honored wisdom.

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    How Nature Heals Us

    Fresh air, sunlight and plants have medicinal powers — try to get a dose, even now.

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    Why You're Sleeping a Lot More (or Less) Right Now

    A therapist and functional medicine doctor weigh in. 

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    How to Optimize Your Health to Fight COVID-19 — and Beyond

    Fortify your mental and physical health while staying home.