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Updated: 09/23/2022

Beyond smelling amazing, our essential oil-based blends have myriad unexpected uses — from face-mask sanitizer to yoga-mat refresher.

One lesson (among many others) that we’ve learned since 2020 is that taking care of ourselves is paramount. In the age of coronavirus, self-care means more than manicures and massages — from boosting immunity to addressing the emotional challenges of being isolated from loved ones.

That's why we formulated the new self-care line from THE WELL to be deeply therapeutic for both body and mind. But these essential oil-infused products are also multi-functional. Below, some of our favorite — and inventive — ways to use our all-natural oils and sprays.

Clean Hands Sanitizer ($14)

  • Deodorant: Our best-selling Clean Hands sanitizer — in any of our scent formulations — doubles as deodorant! Just don’t apply to freshly shaved pits to avoid stinging.
  • Post-workout pick-me-up: Spritz on your body after a workout or as a campsite “shower” when you don’t have time to wash up.
  • Face-mask sanitizer: Sanitize the inside of your face mask — and mitigate breathing in your own coffee breath.

Rise Everything Mist ($40)

  • Deodorant: Spray and enjoy the energizing and mood-boosting effects of pink peppercorn and grapefruit.
  • Keep bugs at bay: Lemongrass has been shown to be natural bug repellent — so spray around your space or on your body while you enjoy the great outdoors.

Reset Everything Mist ($40)

  • Deodorant: Add a stabilizing vibe to your day with a spritz or two on your pits.
  • Body or makeup brush cleaner: Bergamot acts as an antiseptic, and can prevent the growth of bacteria. Spray on your brushes after washing them with a gentle cleanser and water.

Relax Everything Mist ($40)

Rise Essential Oil ($48)

  • Bug repellent: Let lemongrass work its magic to keep bugs away by diffusing on your outdoor table.

Relax Essential Oil ($48)

  • Headache relief: Research shows lavender’s soothing effects can help alleviate some pain, so it can’t hurt to diffuse or simply sniff the scent from the bottle when you feel a headache coming on.

Body Oils ($68)

  • Healthy-aging superpowers: All of our body oils contain Rosehip and Sea Buckthorn oils in the base formulation, both of which are nourishing healthy-aging heroes for your skin.
  • Up your glow: Moisturize your skin after exfoliating with a dry brush for a sun-kissed look — without the damaging effects.

Relax Body Oil ($68)

  • Soothe minor burns and bug bites: Because of healing properties in lavender and sweet marjoram, it’s great to apply on minor burns or bug bites, as long as the skin is not broken.
  • Repel ticks: Vetiver has a high toxicity for ticks — rub it on before a hike for added protection
  • Relieve tight muscles: Sweet marjoram helps reduce muscle tension and spasms
  • Connect with loved ones: As a relaxing evening ritual, massage your partner’s or childrens’ feet with a few drops before bed — just make sure they return the favor!

Reset Body Oil ($68)

  • Apply to burns and bug bites: Take advantage of ylang ylang’s anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Deep-conditioning treatment: Comb through hair before bed once weekly to take advantage of ylang ylang's nourishing effect on dry scalps.
  • Pain reliever: Bergamot acts as an excellent analgesic: Warm a bit up and apply to mild pain, like your tummy for period cramps. (Check out the “I Love You” massage technique described in this article.)

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