THE WELL Q&A: Brittany Addison-Prescott

The Dallas-based yoga teacher talks about what led her to launch her wellness company and how she stays centered along the way.

Brittany Addison-Prescott stretching on a yoga mat

Brittany Addison-Prescott is the founder and creator of Addison Prescott, where she offers yoga, meditation and spiritual guiding. As a self-proclaimed “inner-strength trainer,” Brittany guides her students and community to be destiny-directed and reclaim the power of their story. A Dallas native, Brittany graduated from Core Power yoga teacher training in August 2015, and switched from her career in luxury visual merchandising and advertising to full-time yoga teaching in September 2015.

What brought you to wellness?

My wellness journey started five years into my sobriety in March 2018. My godmother gifted me a trip to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ because I had adrenal fatigue, many sleepless nights and very serious digestive issues. On top of all my physical ailments my intuitive gifts were beginning to show up stronger while my dreams were becoming messages rather than “random deja vu experiences.” When I visited Canyon Ranch, I finally felt at peace and at home within myself, my life experiences, and in my body. What I loved about my experience at Canyon Ranch is I had a vision of my full life purpose, where my energetic blockages were producing illness in my body, and why I had a chaotic life experience. My biggest takeaway was the vision and tangible steps Spirit/God gave me to open my private practice, Addison Prescott.

What does wellness mean to you?

I believe wellness is the foundation of wholeness. Wellness means temperance of your mind, body and spirit. I use them as mind, body and spirit because they are complete statements of wholeness. Wellness is the divine balance of spirituality and practicality. Allowing oneself to be one in the world not one of the world. To be one among many, a friend among friends, a love among love.

One lesson you’ll take away from the COVID-19 pandemic?

The biggest lesson I learned is to live your life now. You be you. You do you. You love you. You have you.

Name three non-negotiables in your life.

Spirituality, integrity and humor.

The book you own that is the most dog-eared?

The book I own with most dog ears, bright pink highlighter and post-it tabs is Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing by Caroline Myss. This book is my foundation and catalyst for co-creating tarot|flow. Anatomy of the Spirit continues to change my perspective on the human body, the chakra system, as well as the truths and responsibilities of each chakra through the spiritual lense. From the first moment I was intuitively guided to buy the book in 2015, I finally felt seen, heard and affirmed why I was fascinated with the chakra system, the kabbalah and Christian mysticism.

Favorite quote?

When I was 14, I was obsessed with the original Charlie’s Angels from the 70’s — literally watched every season and every episode five times. I was in love with the character Sabrina Duncan played by Kate Jackson. On her fan website she had a quote about risk: “If you do not take a risk, you will not get all the glory or all of the blame.” A great reference point for the meditation question, “Is the risk greater than the reward?”

Snack you pack when you’re on the go?

I do not snack often. When I snack, a mini bag of honey roasted cashews and lightly salted cashews or Sweet and Spicy Pecans from Trader Joe’s. I mainly drink Topo Chico sparkling mineral water with lemon juice and ginger.

Instagram accounts that get the most likes from you?

THE WELL: @thewell
Addison Prescott: @addisonprescott
Devyn Walker: @sentfromdevyn
Mainly Bravo x Raven: @mainlybravo
Sasha Morfaw: @thebravobreakdown
Catherine “CAt G.” Ayeni: @c_glorylove @thefamilypolicy
Girlfriend Collective: @girlfriend
TLC Healing Co.: @tlchealingco
Y7 Studio: @y7studio

Best beauty/grooming secret?

Stay hydrated and moisturized. I love taking care of my skin and my teeth. Finding skin care products for Black and melanated skin has made all the difference for enjoying beauty regimens. I am in love with Buttah by Dorian and Black Girl Sunscreen.

Morning and/or bedtime rituals?

My morning ritual is to breathe into waking up and journal my dreams. Especially if I can remember them — there’s a message in those dreams. I say “thank you” when I plant my feet on the ground. Drink warm lemon water, four shots of espresso, pray and meditate for the day. I do my skin and hair routine while listening to the music, true crime podcasts or Bravo podcasts. At night, I wash my face and brush my teeth. I take a reiki shower with lavender oil sea salt scrub or almond oil and shea butter infused Epsom salt. I surrender the day with a clearing prayer and meditation for the night.

Wellness travel essentials?

My wellness travel essentials are my grounding crystals, especially my malachite crystal necklace, hematite and black tourmaline. I love Topo Chico Sparkling Mineral water, so I buy as many as I can at the airport for comfort and familiarity. Last, I always carry a deck of tarot cards and a journal with three or four Sharpie, no-bleed fine point pens.

Key to a good night's sleep?

The key to a good night’s sleep is a compassionately surrendered day. The process of surrendering requires a good brain dump after a nice cozy shower. I love to journal my thoughts or “a ha moments.” I have found in my personal and spiritual development that seeing my thoughts and emotions helps me not internalize everything and everyone.

When you really need to chill out you...

Practice automatic writing to investigate my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Or drink my favorite CBD drink Vybes, or add Feals to warm lemon, ginger and mint water.

Instant mood lifter?

Music! I love anything by Kaytranda, Bonobo, Megan Thee Stallion and HipHop LoFi producers. I love how the vibrations and sometimes lyrics of music can heal you on the soul and cellular level.

Food philosophy?

My healed relationship with food is to allow yourself to be nurtured by the beauty of the earth. I try to be as plant-based as possible, but I do allow myself to indulge in Ginger Cookies from Central Market or Blueberry white chocolate chip cookies.

Most used condiments?

Apple Cider Vinegar, Mike’s hot honey and spicy Mustard.

How do you take your coffee or tea?

I prefer ristretto espresso shots because they are the heart of the shot and also the sweetest. I love my ristretto espresso shots BLACK and STRONG like me. Also love extra iced matcha lemonades.

Hydration strategy?

I start my day with an eight-ounce glass of water which helps me set the intention to drink eight to nine more throughout the day. I have a 32-ounce Hydroflask that helps me stay on track and is less intimidating than filling eight to nine glasses of water.

Go-to wellness gift?

I love gifting crystals, books of poems by Yung Pueblo, Alex Elle or Nayyirah Waheed or gift cards to farm to spa spaces in my friends’ cities.

Words to live by?

Stay hydrated and mind ya business.

How do you reboot?

A nap or sound bowl meditation by Healing Vibrations on YouTube.

Preferred mode of movement?

My preferred movement methods are Ashtanga yoga, two or three mile walks and hugs.

When you feel a cold coming on you…

Colloidal silver, plenty warm water with lemon, echinacea and ginger with mint and REST.

What's sacred to you?

My authenticity, my voice and my heart are the most sacred to me today.

Last time you laughed — and at what?

The last time I laughed a belly laugh was Tuesday, February 16 during the snowstorm in Dallas when I had no heat or electricity. My baby brother FaceTimed me to cheer me up and gave me a whole rundown of his dating and social life. This included full impressions of his dates and why they did not work out. I have never laughed as hard as I did while he described his inner dialogue trying to get out of his disaster dates. I had real tears streaming down my cheeks.

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