• Quinoa oatmeal with berries, mango and almond slivers; from "Eat Better, Feel Better" by Giada DeLaurentiis

    3 Healthy Breakfasts From a Top Chef

    Giada De Laurentiis shares delicious recipes from her new wellness-driven cookbook. 

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    Eat to Boost Your Body’s Detox Power

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    Sneaky Ways Sugar Hooks You

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    How to Cut Back on the “Big 3” — Sugar, Caffeine and Alcohol

    Learn how these food groups affect the body, and tips to form a healthier relationship — without eliminating them completely.

  • thoughtful creative woman

    Connect With Your Body Through Intuitive Eating

    A feminist psychotherapist shares an approach to honor and tune into your body — in a society that encourages you to tune out. 

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    I Tried THE WELL Cleanse — Here’s What Happened

    When I needed a gut check (in more ways than one), I turned to a 15-day reset program — and more than my diet changed along the way.

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    How to Increase Your Metabolic Flexibility

    Discover the ways "intuitive fasting" can help regulate how your body converts food into energy. 

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    How to Snack the Right Way

    Learn what brings on a snack attack — plus, nutritionist-approved between-meal noshes to try. 

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    3 Tasty Mocktail Recipes (You Won't Miss the Alcohol, Promise!)

    Whether you're doing Dry January, sober October or any other booze-free month, these healthy concoctions are stellar stand-ins.

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    6 Ways to Make Dry January Way Easier

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