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Updated: 10/13/2022

These curated products will elevate your wellness practices this fall.

Autumn represents the shedding of old layers, and in many parts of the country — New York included — it ushers in a cozier existence.

The following self-care products were hand-picked by experts on the retail team at THE WELL New York and are sold in our shop.

Below, fun, surprising and inventive ways to use them.

Cleanse Your Sense of Touch

Dear Botanics Anew Body Scrub

Your senses need a reboot from time to time in order to operate at their best, according to Ayurvedic wellness experts. Using a scrub can help cleanse and strengthen your sense of touch — and exfoliate dry summer skin at the same time.

Welcome Sleep With a Warm Bath

Dear Botanics Rose Quartz Bath Salts

Taking a warm bath an hour or two before bed helps ease you into slumber. Here’s how: A hot soak soothes muscular tension, but the true sedative effect is the result of your body temperature naturally dropping when you step out of the tub, inducing sleep. These pretty botanical salts make this evening ritual even more relaxing.

Clear Your Space of Negative Vibes

BioAlchemy Olfactive Palo Santo
Plantita & Co. Palo Santo Amethyst Bundles

Scented smoke has been used for centuries as a ritual for clearing unwanted (aka negative) energy. Burning herbs (a practice called smudging) or wood sticks, such as divine-smelling palo santo, purifies your space energetically and literally (smoke is antimicrobial). Some also believe that you can envision your wishes ascending with the smoke into the universe to be granted.

Roll-On Perfume, Minus the Fumes

Bios Apothecary Gem Story Oils

Looking for a “clean” fragrance that isn’t bland? Gem Story is it. This collection of luxe, all-natural, non-toxic, oil-based perfumes are infused with semi-precious crystals. The company describes their products as “multisensory” — you can use them during meditation and yoga practices, in aromatherapy rituals or as your everyday fragrance. Plus, the glass bottles with gleaming gems just look so pretty on your bathroom shelf or dresser.

Hit Refresh Several Times a Day

THE WELL Reset Products

THE WELL formulated a self-care line composed of essential oil-based blends that are not only deeply therapeutic for both body and mind but are also multi-functional. Below, some inventive ways to use our Reset oils and sprays.

Reset Everything Mist:

+ Deodorant: Add a stabilizing vibe to your day with a spritz or two on your pits.

+ Body or makeup brush cleaner: Bergamot acts as an antiseptic and can prevent the growth of bacteria. Spray on your brushes after washing them with a gentle cleanser and water.

Reset Body Oil:

+ Apply to burns and bug bites: Ylang ylang has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a natural skin soother.

+ Deep-conditioning treatment: Comb through hair before bed once weekly to take advantage of ylang ylang’s nourishing effect on dry scalps.

+ Pain reliever: Bergamot also acts as an excellent analgesic. Warm a bit up and apply to mild pain, like your tummy for period cramps.

Light a Spring-y Scent in Fall

THE WELL Flower Crown Candle

Just because it’s fall, you don’t have to light a predictable pumpkin scent. The only rule to follow: Make sure you ignite a candle that won’t harm your health. THE WELL Flower Crown candle, which has a relaxing floral scent, ticks all the safety boxes: plant-based wax (coconut and sustainably harvested palm), lead-free cotton wick, fragranced with pure essential oils and flower extracts (geranium, ylang ylang, atlas cedarwood, red cedarwood), free of parabens, phthalates, petroleum and added color. Bonus: You can repurpose the ceramic vessel as a planter, pen holder and more.

Patch Up Your Issues

The Good Patch Plant-Powered Patches in Relax, Dream, B12 Awake and Rescue

Cheap sources of fuel (see: sugar and caffeine) don’t actually work to combat stress and fatigue. A healthier way to get through the day is with the smart use of medicinal herbs that work as adaptogens (they help your body adapt to stress, for instance). Ashwagandha is one that can help increase vitality, energy, endurance and strengthen the immune system. So it’s no surprise it’s a key ingredient in the Relax patch.

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