Words of wisdom (both ancient and modern) to inform your wellness journey

Shelves of flower pots

All About Adaptogens

THE WELL's Chief Medical Officer explains how these all-natural anti-stress and fatigue fighters work, plus four of his favorites.

man standing under tree

What We Can Learn From Trees

THE WELL's Director of Head and Heart draws an unlikely — but insightful — comparison.

healthy chocolate smoothie

Healthy Chocolate-Chip Mint Shake

This energizing smoothie tastes like a milkshake — but with antioxidant-rich spinach and cacao, it's way better for you.

hot chocolate with reishi

Hot Chocolate That Chills You Out and Warms You Up

"Spiked" with reishi, an adaptogenic mushroom, this comforting drink will soothe your body and mind on a chilly day.


Use Your Senses to Sleep Better

Five ways to set yourself up for a great night of shut-eye.

eric rakofsky

THE WELL Q&A: Eric Rakofsky

Wellness strategies and quick tips from THE WELL's private trainer

chili peppers

Drink This, Stay Well

Medicinal herbalist Daniela Turley serves up her personal recipe for cold-fighting fire cider.