Words of wisdom (both ancient and modern) to inform your wellness journey

Two puppies napping on a bed together

Is Napping a Good Idea?

The short answer: It depends, but probably.

Hand reaches for an alarm clock

Discover Your Sleep Chronotype

We have a genetically programmed preference for going to bed and rising — pinpoint yours.

Broccoli, celery and oranges in reusable shopping bags, with grains in reusable glass jars

Actionable Ways to Live More Sustainably

Planet Earth is our home — we've got to clean up our acts and stop trashing the place.

Quinoa oatmeal with berries, mango and almond slivers; from "Eat Better, Feel Better" by Giada DeLaurentiis

3 Healthy Breakfasts From a Top Chef

Giada De Laurentiis shares delicious recipes from her new wellness-driven cookbook. 

Woman asleep in bed

Melatonin: Make it, Don't Fake It

The truth about this popular sleep supplement —and whether it's right for you. 

Chika Okoli stands smiling and looking off happily

THE WELL Q&A: Chika Okoli, MD

How a functional medicine doctor approaches her own holistic health care. 

Sun salutation candle burning on a yoga block, with citrus, palo santo and flowers beside it

Before You Light That Candle, Read This

Ambiance shouldn't come with air pollution — use these expert tips to make sure your home has a healthy glow. 

Bowl full of green veggies including avocado, asparagus, herbs, green pepper and broccoli

Eat to Boost Your Body’s Detox Power

Your liver works hard to remove toxins from your system— these foods support that effort.

Woman smells a daffodil

What it Means to Cleanse Your Senses

Even your five senses need a spiritual reboot from time to time — here’s how to do it.